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The TT600 Solar-Powered Asset Tracker is used to track trailers, containers, construction & mining equipment, generators, and various other assets. With its rugged construction, long battery life, and highly efficient solar cell, this tracker is purpose-built to withstand the most challenging operational environments. 

Use the collected data to stay on top of maintenance, pinpoint exactly how assets are being used to maximize their utilization, and provide companies with near-real-time visibility into their asset portfolios to enhance operational efficiencies and protect their valuable investments.

The TT600 is integrated into the MyGeotab platform. Users add the TT600 to MyGeotab via the device serial number. GPS coordinates and additional data (e.g., battery level, device power change, and device solar panel wattage) collected by TT600 are transmitted to Geotab's Data Intake Gateway and are visible on the same UI as other Geotab devices.

Further Information

Simple Installation with Pre-Charged Battery: Simple Install – 4 Fasteners and Go!

Dynamic Tracking: Get the current asset position with 1 GPS fix/minute and every 10-minute reporting while moving

Self-Sustaining Solar Power: With a 4-month backup battery life at 12 reports/day

Rugged Design: IP67 certified with a 5-7 year battery life

Familiar User Experience: Data accessible in the MyGeotab platform; used on the same map as the GO Devices

Solve common asset management challenges:

  • Stay on top of maintenance – Minimize asset downtime with near-accurate mileage tracking
  • Misaligned Asset Utilization – Optimize utilization by identifying under- or over-utilized assets
  • Disorganized Assets - Eliminate the time wasted looking for moved or misplaced assets

Lost or Stolen Assets - Avoid large capital expenditures to replace lost or stolen assets.

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