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The Base plan offers GPS location, VIN, Driver ID, basic IOX support and harsh braking detection.


USA and Canada

The Regulatory plan adds Hours of Service, IFTA and Temperature Monitoring functionality over the Base plan. It is geared towards assisting fleets in meeting a range of compliance regulations.



The Pro plan offers the functionality of the Regulatory plan and adds support for engine, accelerometer data and EV data.



The ProPlus plan offers the greatest functionality, including Active Tracking, a lifetime warranty, and premium services including EV data.

  • GPS location
  • VIN
  • Driver ID
  • Basic IOX support
  • Harsh braking detection

All Base features plus

  • Hours of Service
  • IFTA
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Helps fleets meet compliance regulations

All Regulatory features plus

  • Engine data
  • Accelerometer data
  • EV Support

All Pro features plus

  • Active Tracking
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Advanced IOX support
  • Geotab Data Connector

Plan Comparisons





Instant GPS tracking using patented curve based algorithms for optimal recording
Highly flexible Rules and exception engine — customizable and editable
Driver congregation reporting
Locating closest vehicle by address
Driver ID via NFC
Message and send routes to drivers with compatible Garmin PNDs
Geotab Data Connector, bring curated data into popular BI Tools (also available as paid Add-In)
Fleet Optimization
Vehicle maintenance reminders scheduled by time or distance
Vehicle maintenance reminders scheduled by mileage or engine hours
Fuel Management Platform — Track fuel ups, fuel drain, fuel theft, fuel card integration, etc.
Engine status data for all major engine protocols (fuel usage/voltage/coolant/temp.)
Easy device installation with Self-Calibrating Accelerometer
Record and interpret fault data (J1939, 1708, OBD, CAN)
Geotab Roadside Add-In for complimentary towing, locksmith, battery boost, fuel delivery, flat
tire change, & more.***
Basic driver coaching -- Audible alerts and notifications for speeding, idling, and driver identification
Advanced driver coaching -- Audible alerts and notifications for harsh braking, sharp cornering, over-acceleration, seat belt use, vehicle in reverse, over-revving, etc. plus basic driver coaching and customizable server-side rules and exceptions
Web-based software reporting platform (SaaS) capable of supporting unlimited vehicles and users

Commonly asked questions

Do any plans accommodate third-party devices?

A Third-Party Device Plan is available for fleets that want to integrate third-party devices into the Geotab open platform for telematics.

Do any plans include Active Tracking and vehicle location?

The ProPlus plan provides the greatest functionality, including Active Tracking and vehicle locations.

Which plans offer the most engine data support?

The Pro and ProPlus plans offer the most engine data support. View the Rate Plan Feature Comparison for a complete breakdown of all rate plans.

What is the difference between the Basic and Regulatory plans?

The Regulatory plan only applies to truck implementations, i.e., the adoption of the uReader component. In this case, the Regulatory plan adds the option to access and display driving and rest times in real time (TAC module) to the basic profile, which already allows remote data download from the digital tachograph (RDL module).

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