Vehicle Telematics

Vehicle telematics
connected your way

GO device, OEM embedded or third party hardware, Geotab makes vehicle telematics secure and, consistent.


Connect your fleet with the power of choice

Geotab GO Device
Capturing the broadest and richest vehicle data

The Geotab GO9 telematic vehicle tracking device captures and normalizes critical data from over 9,000 different cars, vans and trucks. Plug the GO device into any vehicle’s standard ODBII port and start capturing the industry’s highest quality vehicle data.

Key benefits of the GO device include:

  • Support for mixed fleets of different OEM makes and models
  • Patented curve algorithm enables low bandwidth data transmission
  • High resolution vehicle positioning for total fleet visibility
  • Broad support for EVs and PHEVs
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OEM Telematics
No installation, easy remote activation

Integrate OEM telematics from connected vehicles directly into the Geotab platform through the cloud. Geotab secures and normalizes the data stream to standardize it across other makes and models of vehicles.

Key benefits of OEM telematics include:

  • No additional hardware costs, no downtime for installation
  • Easy, remote activation
  • Guaranteed compatibility with vehicle
  • Secure, end-to-end data transmission
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3rd Party Telematic Devices
Flexibility to address changing fleet needs

If you already have an investment in 3rd party telematic devices, Geotab can connect and capture the data you need to manage your fleet.

  • Geotab's open platform makes it easy connect any third party telematics device
  • Integrate all your data into the Geotab’s platform for increased visibility
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Mixed Fleets
Simplify mixed fleet management

Managing mixed fleets can be time-consuming for fleet managers. No matter the asset or vehicle type, make, model, or whether you are using telematics hardware or connected vehicle functionality to connect your vehicles, Geotab gives you the flexibility to manage your mixed fleet securely and easily on one platform.

  • Gain complete fleet and asset visibility and management tools for consistent management View all telematics and asset data in one AI-enabled view of performance and improvement areas
  • Benefit from over 9000 vehicle and equipment makes and models and almost 300 EV supported
  • Connect through GO device or any third party device, OEM telematics, and OEM-embedded


Video case study

Improving driver safety with Geotab telematics

The Franklin County Engineer’s office talks about why the Geotab solution was the right fit for both optimizing their mixed fleet while also tackling driver behavior.

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How all-in-one vehicle telematics simplifies
fleet management


Drive your business forward with Geotab’s fleet productivity solutions. Maximizing fleet productivity starts with measurement. Gain insights on customer service times, identify unexpected stops, receive accurate arrival and departure times and true trip miles.

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Fleet Optimization

Lower your costs with advanced benchmarking and accurate fleet fuel tracking. Keep your vehicles on the road with preventative - and predictive - vehicle maintenance solutions.

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Improve your safety programs with trending, real-time, and predictive data insights to identify your fleet's riskiest drivers. Understand driver trends such as speeding, harsh braking, seat belt use, and more. Be notified when violations or collisions occur, and deliver in-vehicle coaching to protect your drivers and others on the road.

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Reveal insights from real-world data to help reduce your fleet’s emissions and costs while improving operational efficiency.

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Put powerful modern tools to work to digitize and strengthen fleet regulatory compliance. Simplify compliance with driver workflows and alerts that can be delivered right on a smartphone or tablet.

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Trust in an open fleet management platform
you can build on. Expand capabilities and possibilities with a world-class API with code samples, SDK and easy to integrate value-based Add-ins to extend MyGeotab.

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Commonly asked questions

What is telematics?

Telematics is a method of monitoring cars, trucks, and other assets by using embedded hardware called telematic control units (TCUs). A TCU monitors the status, location and behavior of a vehicle including driver behavior, engine fault codes and GPS location. Capturing and analyzing real time data from the hundreds or thousands of fleet vehicles enables effective fleet management and operational control.

What are the benefits of using Geotab GO devices?

Geotab GO devices are completely agnostic. They work with almost every OEM and over 9000 different vehicle makes, models and year. This board coverage means that organizations have freedom of choice regarding the makeup of their fleet. They are not locked into a single OEM and can deploy mixed fleets of diesel, gas, EV and PHEV vehicles of all sizes and functions.

Geotab Go devices capture the industry’s broadest and richest streams of vehicle data giving fleet managers more information about their vehicles and drivers. More information means better visibility, more control and better business outcomes.

What are the benefits of OEM telematics?

OEM telematic devices are easier to get up and running. Because they are pre-installed, a simple remote and contactless activation makes them operational. There is no vehicle downtime for installation and no additional hardware costs.


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